What we should Like and Hate About over 50s dating | Autostraddle

Really, full disclosure we divorced one notably recently, so my impressions aren’t more good. I’ve outdated in different levels of seriousness and dedication two Geminis, and each of all of them were lovely, creative, extremely fun, fantastic to party with, and in addition totally disorderly and inconsistent. Geminis are like if an Irish good-bye was one. If you ask me they were completely unreliable as associates — not in the way where these were purposely flaky, but simply because they undoubtedly don’t understand on their own the things they wanted or could commit to, or would transform their particular mind about this 15 minutes later. My personal thing is definitely that i could generate any such thing work as very long while you’re truthful and obvious about any of it, and god-bless those Geminis’ minds, these are generally genuinely incompetent at performing that!

We nonetheless come across Geminis really enjoyable and cool as pals — y’all have become wise and you’re a lot of fun! — but is going to be using a pass on online dating all of them.